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Hello everyone, my name is Todd Coburn – owner of Get Downsized LLC. I have over 18+ years’ experience and a Certified Personal Trainer with ACE, IFFA, CPR, First Aid and Yoga Instructor certifications. I also hold a B.S. degree in Natural Health for all your nutrition needs.

After proudly serving 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, I’ve always found myself in a leadership position and wanted to continue leading individuals to live a stronger and more confident life. Now I help people of all aspects of fitness levels and teach them how to improve their core ideals and how to lead them to reach their fitness goals with ease.

I integrate a combination of weights, plyometrics, strength, body/core, boxing/kickboxing, flexibility, breathing techniques, yoga and apply optimal nutrition fundamentals which greatly increases your results. Many individuals are drawn to my style of training because I provide an exciting, fun and extremely effective workouts that drive tried and tested results.

There is no single better way to achieve your goals than with a personal trainer. I’m inspired to inspire you, thank you in advance for the opportunity to work with you!!

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