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One of our key components to our success is the team of medical professionals that oversee our contestants throughout the program. All contestants will be pre-screened by one of the doctors to track results and ensure the safety of all participants.


The Get Downsized Nutrition Program is based on a whole food eating regiment which all contestants will be thoroughly educated by our certified nutritionist. We will also have nutrition classes taught by our head chef, the two will invigorate your taste buds.


The hardest part of the Get Downsized contest is the vigorous training schedule lead by our exceptional team of personal trainers and instructors. Our team of trainers each hold their own specialties from boxing, yoga, weight training and military lead boot camps.

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Get Downsized isn’t your typical fitness or calorie counting weight loss program. We seek out and partner with the areas top rated fitness, medical and nutrition resources to expose our contestants to San Diego’s best community offerings. This builds a new and exciting lifestyle for the contestants so when the program is over, they can continue their journey and keep the weight off for good. This is an added incentive for Sponsors and will benefit greatly from the exposure they receive through the Get Downsized marketing campaigns.


Previous Contestants

Mike Renda

I suffered from Crones Disease (42 bleeding stomach ulcers) and Spongeiatic Derm (over 9 skin ulcers). At my peak weight of 305 lbs., the disease was at it’s very worst. During the program however Get Downsized educated me on the proper foods, especially for someone with my ailments. I’m completely medication free, as Get Downsized team took the natural organic approach with my meal plans. 4 months later after completing the weight loss program, Todd Coburn and Mandi Cobb succeeded where medical doctors had failed. Now, my disease is into remission and my skin ulcers are healed. I weigh 179 lbs. and I now have the ability to live the healthy life I had always dreamed.

Joe Culp

Joe Culp lost a whopping 88 lbs. in 4 months. That accomplishment alone is a great feat…but as the story goes on: he was diabetic, heart disease, had a triple by-pass, 8 surgeries on both of his knees, 1 shoulder surgery, missing spleen and a bad case of bronchitis. He told us that he was in ICU at the Veterans Affair Hospital with little to no chance of living. We were shocked to find out this horrible news, so we decided that the Get Downsized Program would sponsor Joe and help him save his life. We are so happy to report ALL Joe’s medical issues are now gone and off ALL his medications. Joe we are happy you are alive!!