San Diego Weight Loss Extreme

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San Diego Weight Loss Extreme

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How to lose weight and keep it off for good??

The Get Downsized Extreme, is a San Diego Weight Loss program – it’s not your typical fitness or calorie counting “Weight Loss Challenge”. We partner with the areas top rated fitness, medical and nutrition establishments, exposing our contestants to San Diego’s best community offerings. Each contestant will have a complete support system that addresses any hurdle they face during the 4 month program.

What’s different about Get Downsized??

This builds a new and exciting life for the contestants. The new “lifestyle” network ensures they keep the weight off, long after the program is over. This is an added incentive for Sponsors and will benefit from our cross marketing campaigns, community exposure, while also building new relationships with the Get Downsized Partners Network.

How do I sign up for Get Downsized??

Unfortunately not everyone will be selected for the Get Downsized program. In order to be considered for an audition, all interested parties must fill out the Contact Form by clicking HERE. Once you have submitted the form, one of our staff members will contact you for a brief phone interview. If the phone call goes well and we feel you’re a good candidate, you will be scheduled for an audition. Good luck to all of you!


We urge you to register online to become a contestant, we only have a few spaces remaining for this program. By registering¬† HERE, you’ll have a chance at auditioning with one of the Get Downsized team members. If you’re chosen, you could win cash prizes, 1 year of free personal training, specialty memberships, gift cards,¬† and more. Best of all you’ll have your life back and a new beginning!

We value our Sponsor’s¬†relationships!

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Medical - Nutrition - Fitness

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Medical Weight Loss

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One of our key components to our success is the team of medical professionals that oversee our contestants throughout the program. All contestants will be pre-screened by one of the doctors to track results and ensure the safety of all participants.

If you are a medical professional and would like to participate in the next Get Downsized program, please fill out the form on the Sponsors page and one of our team members will contact you shortly. Thank you San Diego for making Get Downsized a true success!

Nutrition Weight Loss

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The Get Downsized Nutrition Program is based on a whole food eating regiment which all contestants will be thoroughly educated by our certified nutritionist. We will also have nutrition classes taught by our head chef, the two will invigorate your taste buds.

We are currently building a “Healthy Choice Network” with established local eateries and meal prep companies for the contestants. We have strict guidelines for new businesses that would like to take part, if you’re health conscious please click HERE to apply.

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Fitness Weight Loss

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The hardest part of the Get Downsized Program is the vigorous training schedule lead by our exceptional team of personal trainers and instructors. Our team members have unique specialties like: strength, endurance, weight training, boxing, yoga and military workouts.

Our fitness mission is to expose our contestant to every aspect of exercise in the local community. This will guarantee the contestants will stick with an exercise routine they really enjoy. If you feel your training facility would be a beneficial addition, click HERE to apply.

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