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Before Get Downsized

get downsized joe after testimonials

TESTIMONIALS #1: There’re no magic tricks… Our runner up was Joe Culp…he lost a whopping 88 lbs. in 4 months. That accomplishment alone is a great feat …but as the story goes on let me tell you where this man started. After his audition and asking him about his health conditions, Joe seemed to have lost all hope.

He was diabetic, heart disease, had a triple by-pass, 8 surgeries on both of his knees, 1 shoulder surgery, has no spleen and the worst case of bronchitis I’ve ever seen. The day after his audition he called my partner Mandi Cobb crying and very upset. He told us that he was in ICU at the Veterans Affair Hospital in Detroit with little to no chance of living.

After Get Downsized

get downsized joe after testimonials

We were shocked to find out this horrible news, so we decided that the Get Downsized Program would sponsor Joe and help him save his life. And that’s exactly what happened…we are so happy to report ALL Joe’s medical issues are now gone and off ALL his medications. Joe we are happy you are alive!!

This story proves that if you want your life back and your mind is made up to make a difference then anything is possible. This is an extreme weight loss program and ALL our contestants are still continuing their journey even after the program is over. We always keep in touch with all of our past individuals that have been a part of Get Downsized.


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