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Through extensive research and years of experience, the Get Downsized team has found that individuals are more responsive to changing their nutritional and fitness regimen when applying a combination of techniques as part of their daily routine. Our weight loss nutrition team will educate you with our valued food system that has worked for every participant that has joined Get Downsized. 

Get Downsized master trio nutrition experts are comprised of a master chef, a certified nutritionist and a Doctor of Natural Medicine that work together to tailor customized nutrition plan based on the contestants genetic makeup. This winning trio is bound to impact your life – there is great value in learning about our color coded nutrition program.Our team of nutrition experts will make food a positive engagement, you will learn how to make healthy foods the key to your success. No more counting calories, only color combinations!


Get Downsized Partnerships

When it comes to Get Downsized core strength, there’s no doubt it’s due to the strength in our partnerships that support this amazing program. When we partner with another company it’s to introduce the contestants to a healthy choice nutrition network, that’s comprised of all the local restaurants, grocery stores and farmers markets. This builds a new lifestyle for the individual and can continue their journey years after the program is over.

If you’re a business owner and would like to be involved with the Get Downsized program, please fill out the form provided and one of our team members will contact you. We only want the best for our contestants and this support network will become part of their new daily lifestyle. There’s not only strength in numbers…but also strength in proper nutrition. Thank you everyone for your support!!

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