Matt Pallardy

Matt Pallardy

Hey there! My name is Matt Pallardy, I’m the owner of an 8,000 square foot private training facility called Self Made Training Facility in Mission Bay, California. Fitness is a huge part of my life, but it wasn’t always that way. Sure, I grew up playing all of the sports you can think of and competing was life! Having 8 siblings, you can imagine the competitions happening throughout my childhood. But there was a time when I was an overweight alcoholic and I would laugh at the idea of picking up a weight, even though I would get winded getting off the couch.

Fortunately I found fitness and it changed my life forever for the better! It did amazing things for me physically; but the things that it did for me mentally have been immeasurably greater. The principles and discipline that fitness taught me have spilled over into every other area of my life and made me a much better man, a man that I am proud to be. That is why I have made fitness my life, so that I can spread these same feelings of confidence and accomplishment to as many people as I possible can; I would love it if you joined me!

Self Made Training Facility – Mission Bay

4030 Sports Arena Blvd.
San Diego, Ca. 92109


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